Here you will find some specialised information on some of the seals that we provide.

Machine Seal Profiles RT15 O-Ring Chart
BRU Technical Data Sheet XP Technical Data Sheet CT-XSL Technical Data Sheet
TILM Technical Data Sheet RTL Technical Data Sheet XPRA Technical Data Sheet





HSA provides seals in various different materials. Below is some information on the more specialised materials that we offer.

  U2150 Profile Guide  


Seals for different Industries

Our seals have been used in many different applications and industries. Have a look at your industry below, which will include a case study.

Agriculture Earth Moving Manufacturing 1
Waste Management Mining Services Manufacturing 2


Special Applications

HSA has been involved with many projects that have used special applications. Some specific applications are below:

Drill Rigs Shovels Swivel Couplings
Underground Roof Supports