Who We Are

Hydraulic Seals Australia is the leading supplier of Hydraulic, Rotary and Pneumatic sealing elements in Australia. We can supply standard moulded parts off the shelf, from a network of global manufacturers, as well as custom made machined parts, with a CNC located in every branch.

We have offices in Melbourne West, Melbourne East, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane all of which are manned with experienced sales personnel with many years of experience. Seal manufacturing facilities are based at all sites. We combine our technical expertise with our state-of-the-art material technologies to provide industry-leading solutions. HSA is dedicated to quality and reliability.

  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic seals
  • Rotary Seals
  • Spring Energised Seals
  • Custom Seals with no tooling charges up to 750mm locally
  • Application specific solutions
  • Sizing up to 2500mm
  • Machined seals delivery offered is from 1 to 2 days
  • Sole Distributorship of Martin Fluid Power products in Australia
  • Sole Distributorship of Carco Rubber Fabric Sealing products in Australia

Because HSA is 100% Australian owned, by choosing HSA products you gain unrivalled access to a huge variety of quality products, as we stock many of the worlds’ leading brands across the Australia and Pacific Region.


"Let us do for you what we do best!"

The HSA customer base extends into a broad range of industries, including numerous market leaders. This diverse and demanding client base challenges us to evolve and adapt in order to consistently provide outstanding value to all of our customers. You will appreciate we have the necessary experience to understand your requirements and will work on your behalf to meet your expectations.